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Awareness Of CORONA COVD19

TITLE: Corona Information 

In my late-night desire to know more... I looked up 3M's website to see exactly what they were saying and doing. kind of disheartening in a way.. but REALLY threw some things into perspective.

3m has DOUBLED production across all of their plant's worldwide for masks. that new number is 1.1 Billion masks per year. So that means that 3M last year for all intents and purposes made 555 Million masks last year Keep in mind this is a WORLD production number.

That kind of works out to 45 Million give or take per month - again across the world.. and lets just assume 25% of that is here in the States - leaves about 11 million masks per month that would be available.

There are hospitals in this country that went through what was normally a year's supply of masks in the last month. The year supply thing seems to be a fairly common number in terms of inventory that is kept on hand in your average hospital.

It seems to me that the product supply was obviously based on the apparent monthly demand ( just kinda how the American economy works )

Basically what is happening is Demand is outreaching supply, and the ability to meet demand. Throw in the interesting variable that it is estimated that 25% of the masks that were held in federal reserve maybe expired or close to expired ( they have a 5 to 6 yr shelf life before the material and elastic bands start to break down )

3.5 Billion masks seem to be the average inventory max that occurs here in the States. Seems to be about 25% N95 masks and 75% of the less form-fitting "Surgical Masks"

This is the number that works every other year... So it's not that the system Failed - I don't think by any stretch of the imagination. I think the system was flat out overwhelmed and there is not a dang thing any amount of forewarning could have done to make this better.

The Feds are saying they are going to increase the number of items held in the National reserve. the number of masks slated over the next 18 month to be purchased is 500 million.

Insert that number ( 500 Million reserve masks ) into the current scenario... and it still would have not been enough.

I am seeing a whole lot of finger-pointing at this point... the Feds should have done this and the states should have done that... but we are talking about products that expire.

The last I checked we do not live in a country controlled by draconian Law. and the absolute basic principle has to do with the free market and a lesser amount of restriction by comparison to other countries around the world.

What has failed us is not so much the system... but the "required" tight pockets of the publicly-traded industry - that cant show the expense increase simply having more inventory on hand.

Being A Muslim... I generally do not like what comes out of Trump's mouth, but I have an overview of his actions and that's kinda what I pay attention to. BUT when he basically told State and local Govts " We're Not A Shipping Clerk " There is a TON of truth in that statement.

So who is to blame.. private industry... state than local govt.. and in the end, the Feds will clean it all up.. but I think moving forward many a thing will change from here on out.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

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